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You Are The Talent Book Signing

Updated: Jan 17, 2018

An intimate circle gathered in Neiman Marcus on Sunday January 14, 2018 with author, Melkeya McDuffie for an afternoon of fun, music and socializing as she celebrated the release of her new book “You Are The Talent.” Have you ever wondered what they keys to success are? Well one key to success is staying true to your self and knowing how your talents will best serve others. McDuffie says, “You Are The Talent “speaks to understanding what it is that you bring to the table.Every organization regardless of what their reputation is whether it be positive or negative is based off the people that comprise that organization” so knowing that you are the talent is knowing that you should bring your best self to work.” Sometimes like our talents are not lining up with our purpose and we are wasting energy, that's why another major key for success is knowing if your talents are in synch with the work you do. "We spend more time at work than with our own families. As such, you want to work in an environment that feels rewarding, and you ought to be energized by the work that you do. Everyone deserves to feel like they are getting out of bed and doing something that contributes to making others better and are adding value in some meaningful way. If you don’t feel valued, and your gifts are not in sync with the work that you do, then work just feels like work.” Success is using what you know and applying it! YOU Are the Talent is an inclusive guide to help you understand your strengths, as well as your blind spots, and harness those insights into developing a career that you find rewarding and fulfilling. With this book, Melkeya McDuffie walks you through an introspective journey of exploring how you present yourself professionally and with credibility, how you perform in your role and develop a reputation for quality and consistency, and ultimately how you promote to the next level in your career or business. Use what is already inside of you to live a life of success!

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