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WCA Presents 'Pass It On'

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Claps and snaps echoed in the room as each poet stepped on the stage and murdered the mic for the open mic and grand opening of “Pass It On”presented by WCA and hosted by Outspoken Bean on February 9, 2018. “Pass It On” is an initiative that is dedicated to giving poets, performers, and all artists a platform to share their craft. Bean says “Pass It On” is important because he “wanted to keep the efforts of Dr. Scott in New Orleans going strong and being something with strength." He continued, “Dr. Scott was the creator of Pass It On which originally was started in New Orleans and when he would pass it on, he would say it in lieu of you’re welcome. So instead of saying you’re welcome, you say Pass It On.”

The crowd was also treated to a Q & A session between Bean and the featured poet, Akeem Olja. After the session was over, Olja showed the audience exactly language why he is the winner of multiple poetry championships. All eyes were fixated on him as he reenacted traumatic situations from has past using both his words and body language to bring his poems to life.

“Pass It On” isn’t just a place where creative come come together. It’s a lifestyle of paying it forward, so if you are wondering how you can pass it on Bean says you can start by visiting “Pass It On." He also recommends listening more than speaking and sharing you heart as much as possible.

Pass It On is held every second Saturday of the month at 2426 Bartlett St Suite D

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