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UNITY Listening Party

Dozens of fans gathered at Prospect Park for Unity Private Listening Session, which is a partnership between DJ XO, aka Mr. I Just Pulled Off The Lot and the CEO of Wreckshop Records, D-Reck. The pair also debuted their docu-series, “Sound Of The City,” which highlights different Houston artist such as Young Lyric, Propain, D Flowers, and DJ Chose. D-Rreck's purpose of creating the docu-series is about coming together or simply put, unity. He wants people to understand that “this is our music scene, and if our music scene moves forward then we all move forward.” Houston’s music and culture has had a tremendous influence on many main stream artist such as Drake, who is very open about how much H-Town has impacted his music career. D-Rreck wants the local “artist get the shine that they deserve.” When it came to choosing DJ XO to collab with on Unity for D-Rreck, it was a no brainer, “XO if not our top producer, he is definitely one of our top producers. He was already on this same type of movement with a lot of mix tapes. He has always been a producer that liked to reach out to the rest of the artist, so it was the perfect scenario.” The H-Town rap scene is a very small so creating “Sound Of The City” gave D-Rreck an opportunity to build an imminent relationship with the artist.

During the night, the fans got to preview some of the music that DJ XO has been working on. The guests were treated to complementary food, which included hot wings and shrimp. The guest was also gifted with a Unity baseball cap, shirt, and backpack. DJ XO feels that it is very important to use Houston artist on this project because “we are the ones they steal from. We are the ones they take our sound and culture and mix it with theirs and win from it. It is time for us to get out here and show them where it really came from.”

Young Lyric, who was the only woman featured on Unity says“ I said to D-Boy the other day, its hard being the only female on this project in the city. It’s definitely a blessing. I work really hard. I’ve been doing this for seven to eight years now so I feel like its an honor and I feel like I deserve it.” One of the setbacks Young Lyric is facing is like so many of us chasing our dreams is realizing that things don't always move when we want them to. She says, “I feel like things aren’t moving as fast as I want them too” which she attributes to her ego. Another setback Lyric spoke on was finding balance between being an artist and living a normal teenage life. “I’m constantly reminded that I’m a star and I cant act like a regular person.”

You can find “Sound Of The City” on Youtube.

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