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TNT & Bossip Presents The Houston Screening of CLAWS

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

The cast of CLAWS visited Houston for a special screening of the hit drama television show presented by Bossip and TNT. The cast included Judy Reyes, Jenn Lyon, Dean Norris and Kevin Rankin. The screening consisted of a 45-minute episode followed by a Q & A session moderated by Spoiled Latina where cast answered questions about their favorite episode from season one and any if there were any similarities between them and their role. The floor was also open to members of the audience to ask questions too!

At the end of season one, Desna helps get Roller back from the Russians. In return for Roller, the Russians now completely own The Dixie Mafia and Rita is now in charge. “We don’t deal very well with that… That’s kind of the arch to our story’ says Dean Norris who plays Uncle Daddy in the series.

As I sat in the theatre and watched the kick off episode for season two, I must say I was thrilled and anxious for the show to come back. In season one we got to witness sisterhood between the women in the shop. Even though they were all misfits they always (well not always) had each other back. In my opinion season two will defiantly test these women loyalty towards each other. Here are four things you can expect from season two of CLAWS.

1. New Boss: As stated earlier, the Russians are now in control of The Dixie Mafia and Desna. Rita has 100% of The Dixie Mafia and they are at her service. When a family member comes to Florida for a surprise visit things take a turn leaving some one else as the HBIC or as YouTube personality Funky Dineva would say, “in charge of the girls!

2. Marriage: Roller and the mother of his child will have a shotgun wedding. Now the question that we need an answer for is, when did Roller have a baby?

3. Who is Quiet Ann: Have you ever wondered why Quiet Ann doesn't say much or how she ended up working in a nail shop? Well if so, get ready because in season two, we will be getting a backstory.

4. Bryce’s change of wardrobe: Last season we saw Bryce get thrown into the Dixie Mafia life when he was fresh out of rehab, he and his wife Jenn faced martial issues and his black daughter was kidnapped. Whew, that is a lot to drive anyone insane and want to change they way the look. He went from Bryce to “Vanilla Bryce.”

Season two will premiere on June 10 on TNT. Check out the promo video below,

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