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Three Lessons In Love I Learned From The "Will You Marry Me" Season 2 Screening

African-American wedding photographer Milton Lawrence Jr. started the month of July off with a bang! He debuted season 2 of his digital, docu-series "Will You Marry Me" Sunday afternoon at the Buffalo Soldiers Museum. The screening also consisted of a panel discussion hosted by Impact Magazine's Tannisha Brown with two couples that will be featured in the upcoming season of the docu-series. Honestly at first I did not know what to expect. I thought it was going to be another relationship-based documentary. I love watching OWN’s Black Love Doc which is another douc-series that centers on couples who talk about how to get through challenges in your marriage. However, unlike “Black Love Doc,” Will You Marry Me docu-series unveils the defining moments that led him to asking the big question. For the first time, we get insight from the man’s point of view, what he’s thinking and why he chose his wife to be. The docu-series is produced and directed by International lifestyle wedding photographer and cinematographer Milton Lawrence, with the express intent to introduce the man’s perspective into the wedding conversation. For me personally, I’ve always had dreams of being Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex In The City” before she married Mr. Bigg. She was pretty, she was a writer, she lived in New York and she had all the best shoes and she did what she wanted to do. Giving up the freedom that I have now to spend the rest of my life and take their feelings into consideration is a scary thing. While I’m not sure how I feel about marriage I did get some great take aways from the panel so here is three pieces of advice you should take before saying “I Do.”

You Need To Be More Excited The Relationship Than The Wedding: Dating back to childhood the fairy tale marriage has been engrained into girls heads. Everything from the

perfect proposal to the perfect dress without teaching them that relationships are hard work. One you say “I Do” you are a team and now you should be focusing on what you should be doing to stay together.

Changes After Marriage: People think there are changes in a relationship after marriage. Some people feel like they either need to start doing something or stop doing something but in reality as you grow with your partner those things come naturally. Lets take cooking for example, my dad told me my mother didn't learn how to cook until they got married.

Loosing Your Ego: Your ego is designed to stop you from doing something that may help or harm you based on past experiences. Whenever your ego feels like it is reliving a past experience, the wall comes up. One of the cast members, Arnetta Hall, shared a story about how one day she was having an “episode” when she got upset about things. She didn't realize how much she did that until she went into another episode her daughter told her husband “don't worry she does that all the time.” She had to learn how to let her ego down to be vulnerable “When you are very vulnerable you love hard and strong and you don't want someone to hurt that.”

If Its Meant To Be It Will Be: That old saying “if you love something let it go and if it comes back then you know its yours” was definitely true for another cast member of this upcoming season. He shared with us the story of how him and his now fiancé back together after 10 years. The story goes like this: When they broke up the each took a dog, one stayed here in Houston the other moved to LA to get more clients for his business. The dog that moved to LA got sick so this is what led to them getting back together. “He came over with a tote bag one day and never left.”

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