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The Houston Word

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

If you are into funny, thought provoking, and challenging podcasts then, “The Houston Word” (THW) is for you! THW is a podcast which will shine the spotlight on poets, creatives, musicians, business owners, and culture shifters in the Houston area; while also discussing the good, bad, and ugly circumstances of life from the perspective of two witty, degreed, twenty-something year olds: CaDarius B and Jazmine.

CaDarius is a complex, charismatic, and passionate, individual who believes in serving you the truth and tea. Jazmine is a Houston girl, from the Northside, who’s sense of humor can be a little twisted, but still funnier than Chris Rock, whilst Aliyah, who is known for her slick remarks. The story of how the pair met is not a remarkable one, but it is still something they cherishes. CaDarius met Jazmine the same way many of us have met our friends, they met through Twitter. “I’ve been following her for a minute. Always thought she was funny as hell, wanted to work with her. So, I hit her up, and asked if she would be interested in a podcast, and we were on from there.”

The duo will be discussing adulting, Houston nightlife, restaurants, black culture, reality TV, #BlackTwitterTopics, and more! While Houston is well known for setting trends with its culture, music, and nightlife, Jazmine feels that is important to show other aspects of Houston, “I personally feel it's important because Houston is known for a lot of things, music, food, the women.... but we need to get into more Houston based media outlets & give people an insight using media. I think it's something new that no one has ever done.”

The Houston Word will be making their debut early 2018. Be sure to keep up with "The Houston Word" on their social media pages: IG: The Houston Word Twitter: @TheHTXWord

Let’s talk Tea…… (CaDarius Answers)

Rha Ali and Sky fighting at Diddy’s party…

  • I think it is super classless for Rah to still be fighting, especially at Diddy’s party. How you in a room with that much greatness, and you fighting a girl you share a network with?


  • At first, I was really skeptical, but then I actually sat down and watched the first episode, and I think it might work.

Donald Trump threating Kim Jong once again…

  • I’m thrilled to see

Donnie impeached.

Rha Ali and Sky fighting at Diddy’s party… (Jazmine’s Answers)

  • I think Rha & Sky need to just have a boxing match for charity. They're too old lol.


  • LHHMIA is good so far, I'm a Trina Stan & im really interested in how the cast members are gonna handle this racism issue

Donald Trump threating Kim Jong once again…

No comment on Dump. We just gotta make the most of it cause we living in the last days

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