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Singer JaeRene On Her Latest Single "Like You Do," Education, and Knowing Your Self- Worth

Houston, Texas reigns supreme when it comes to talented women in the music industry. Of course, we have the Queen, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter and the H-Town Hottie, Meg Thee Stallion. Now, 17-year-old JaeRene, who you may have heard on the H-Town For Real Remix, is proving why she is the R&B princess of H-Town.

Monday night at a private location, JaeRene hosted an intimate listening party for family and friends where she showcased music from her upcoming project. Guests snacked on light refreshments including deviled eggs and wings. During the night, guests were handed slips of paper and asked to rate each song that was played throughout the night to help JaeRene pick her next single.

In June, JaeRene released "Like You Do," which is a song about a woman who leaves her boyfriend after giving him multiple chances to get his act together. The teen singer said everyone deserves a second chance to redeem themselves but at the end of the day, women need to know their self-worth.

"Everybody deserves a second chance. If they don't take advantage of you giving them that second chance then they don't deserve any more chances. While it is up to you, you will go through things and that is what makes a relationship. No relationship is perfect but you have to be able to know when enough is enough by knowing your self-worth and respecting your self."

The project includes collaborations with DJ XO and Z-Ro. The teen tress said she loves collaborating with DJ XO because he challenges her to bring all energy to the booth and they always have a good time.

"Xo was my favorite person to collaborate with. We had so much fun with "Like You Do." Even though it was a hard time for me, I poured my emotions into the song. We goofed around every time we recorded. He made me laugh and there was really good artist-producer chemistry between us and we created a beautiful song. It was fun."

Although JaeRene is focusing on music and her teen-friendly radio show, she still puts school first,

"Putting school first benefits everything else. As long as I get my studies taken care of then the music falls into place. Being able to host a radio show at 95.3 Jamz falls into place. Education is so important. Once you put education as your top priority, everything else will fall into place."

Finding balance at times can be overwhelming, but JaeRene says that praying keeps her together.

"I pray and I believe in God."

The teen is also a huge advocate for simply being you,

"Being yourself will get you further than living up to someone else's expectations. God made you who you are for a reason."

Click here to watch "Like You Do."

*This interview has been modified for length.*

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