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Screwed Up Christmas Recap

Ms Cat TV hosted the premiere of “Screwed Up Christmas” produced by Ms Cat and ESG from Houston’s “Screwed Up Click”. The evening kicked off with a red carpet experience where various cast members of the movie made an appearance.

Guests were able to make it a memorable night with loved ones by taking pictures at the photo booth. VIP guests were given autographed posters, VIP seating, and the red carpet experience

Before the screening began Ms Cat and ESG discussed the purpose of “Screwed Up Christmas”, supporting Houston talent, and thanked everyone for their love and support. The sold out event definitely showed the great energy of this film. During the film, there were many moments of laughs, great music from the “Screwed Up Christmas” soundtrack, and scenes that kept the audience eyes glued to the screen.

As the film wrapped, there was tons of clapping, cheering, and excitement. Many guests stayed after the screening to congratulate Ms Cat & ESG on such an unique movie. Ms Cat & ESG plan to do more screenings of this film throughout the state.

Directors & Producers, ESG & Ms Cat (photo cred: Tiara Photography)

Recording Artist, Jaye Valentine (Photo cred: Tiara Photography)

Over 400 guests lined up to be apart of the premiere of Screwed Up Christmas.

Ms Cat, ESG and cast members of Screwed Up Christmas on the red carpet

King James Mime Ministry & ESG (Photo Cred: Chris Allen )

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