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Mistress 101: How To Keep Your Relationship Cheat Proof Book Signing

Sunday, February 12, 2017 I was invited to the Sip,Shop,and Sign at Shoe Fetage in the Galleria area for The book signing of Mistress 101: How To Keep Your Relationship Cheat Proof.Often times we as women tend to blame ourselves for our partners infidelities. We feel as though we are the cause of why our man chooses to lay up with another woman. We as women need to realize that we are enough and that it isn't our fault. We as women should also take the time to learn our partners love language and how to cater to it. Anytime Wendi J Turner and Tami Roman are around, be ready to listen because they are always dropping gems. Before the book signing started, media was allowed to ask a few questions, so I asked both ladies about there views on staying with your husband after cheating.

Tami spoke on the topic from a mother's point of view: "I stayed because I had two daughters. I thought, my daughters need there dad and everyday I stayed for them I was loosing something for me,I wanted to become better for me so that I could be better for them."

While Wendi, spoke from the view point of forgiveness, "If it's abusive emotionally it's time to go."

While I felt where both ladies were coming from, I personally don't think that if I was married and my husband stepped out on me, I would have to leave him.

Mistress 101: How To Keep Your Relationship Cheat Proof is written by Wendi J. Turner told from the view point of Tami Roman. The book reveals "tricks of the other woman" to help you save your marriage.

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