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Miss Mykie's 1Year of Sobriety Celebration

The Celebration

Saturday January 13, 2018 family and friends came together to help TV Personality and creator of the Project Rehab movement, Miss Mykie celebrate her “1 Year of Sobriety.” Dealing with addiction of any kind can be a difficult experience and for some people, it is something they would prefer to keep hidden. That's why I appreciate Mykie for being so transparent about her battle with alcoholism. In an interview with Freddy O, Mykie says her drinking steamed from “the nature of my work, I was constantly out partying. At first it was one drink, to a few, to I couldn't go without a drink. I wouldn't remember what I did or said. I was always angry and eventually it progressed into a problem.” She could see her life “spiraling out of control” so she checked into rehab. During her thank you speech, Mykie said something that really stuck out to me, she said, “my faith in God allowed me everyday to get more strength to get myself back together.” That stuck out to me because God can do anything if you turn over your problems to him, and Mykie is a living testimony of that. Tackling alcoholism head on and winning, is what birthed Mykie’s Project Rehab movement. She wanted to encourage others as they deal with their demons, “after coming out of rehab I knew that I needed to do something to keep me afloat, to keep me motivated and with the platform that I have I knew that I could get my voice out their and share my story in hopes of helping others.”

The Engagement

Mykie’s sobriety celebration quickly turned into an engagement celebration. During his toast, to Mykie, her boyfriend Bryan Cooper, who remembers seeing Mykie for the first time and knowing “that’s I all need” got down on one knee and asked the four words most women dream of hearing, “will you marry me?” and of course she said yes!!!! Although the engagement came as a surprise for us, it did not come as a surprise for Mykie, “I suspected it would be tonight because his mom and dad came out, his mom’s sister, just the whole family. I was like if he’s smart this would be the perfect time.”Being in love is finding a partner who is willing ride with you as you experience the good, bad, and ugly times in this thing we call life and Mykie found that in Bryan, “I am just happy that he stuck with me through the darkest times of my life and that just really makes him a strong man and although it was difficult for him, its tough to have a spouse go through that, but he believed in me and that's what means so much to me, he had faith in our relationship and now we are here.” Congrats on everything Mykie!!!

Photo Credit: Amber Griffin

Miss Mykie & fiance Bryan Cooper

Miss Mykie & Mom

Miss Mykie & Lattoria Lemon of LemonLimeLight Media

Miss Mykie & Majic 102.1 KG Smooth

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