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Lyrics For Learning

Updated: May 23, 2019

Parents and supporters filled the University Of Houston's Student Center South on Saturday May 18, 2019 for the Lyrics For Learning Scholarship Program, which is a competition that allows students all over the greater Houston area ranging from 2nd -12th grade put their talents on display in hopes of receiving scholarships, cash rewards, prizes, and other opportunities. Now, you can't have a talent show without judges! The prominent figures in Houston that were enlisted as judges included DJ XO, Gary Kyle, Susan Chiborski and Young Al, who all offered suggestions to help the young students progress at their craft.

The Lyrics For Learning Program was facilitated by the You Are A Queen non profit organization, whose mission is to "enhance the development of growing girls by pairing them with the necessary resources to prevail through and beyond their youth," and Kings II Kings non profit which was started in hopes of strengthening, guiding and elevating young men to become successful in their life pursuits.

The Lyrics For Learning was not just about helping children develop their confidence, the program also brought awareness to bulling and suicide through an #IWillCampaign presentation. The presentation went into detail about the different types of bulling that children face such as physical, verbal, and social bullying. The presentation also included a skit about how bullying becomes so overwhelming for children they start to feel that death is a way out. The video also encouraged parents and teachers to pay more attention when they see something is different in a child's life.

Check out some footage below.

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