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Interview With Founder & Creator Of Lotti Belle, Lashae

Ambitious, humble-spirited, and fashion/beauty enthuse  are just a few words to describe the founder and creator of Lotti Belle, Lashae. The vision of Lotti Belle was birthed out of Lashae trying to find a solution to why her hair had become so dry and her scalp became so  flakey. Moving from the dirty south to Los Angeles, Lashae noticed that when the seasons changed, her hair would become greatly affected. Her hair was affected so bad that she started visiting her dermatologist on a weekly basis to figure out a solution. During a trip back home for vacation, Lashae discovered old photographs from her child hood, when her hair was thick and long. Not understanding how she could go from years of having healthy hair, to now brittle hair, Lashae asked her mother, “what where yall doing to my hair back then?” Her mother contributed the success to Lashae’s hair to her grandmother, Lotti Belle who inspired the company’s name, would braid and oil her scalp. After seeing that nothing Lashae was using had a positive affect on her hair, Lashae decided to take matters into her own hands. She started researching and creating her own concoctions and testing them by trail and error. After she started receiving compliments and inquiries about what she was using on her hair, Lashae knew that she had share this product with the world. We recently got a chance to talk with Lashae about The Lotti Belle Brand so sit back and enjoy!

To read the full story click on the link

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