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Interview: Siergio

When you think about some of the musical talent that has come from Chicago, you think about Earth Wind and Fire, Curtis Mayfield, Common, and Kanye West. Now rising R&B singer, songwriter and actor Siergio is determined to make his mark and be among the household names across all fields. One of Siergio’s main influences for his musical sound stems from him “growing up in Chicago, most of the radio stations played R&B and when my parents had cookouts and BBQ’s so all I heard was R&B soul so it made me want to be a singer and apply emotions.” Siergio’s introduction to music came from his grandmother, who was a lead singer in The Chicago Mass Choir. Siergio tagged along as his grandmother would sing and open up for different acts. Seeing this helped to shape Siergio's vision to become a singer and he “couldn’t imagine doing anything else.” He says, “as a little shorty, I’ve always felt that I would be a singer, I’m going to make it happen.”

Even though Siergio has moved from the “Windy City” and now resides in Atlanta (the dirty south) , he credits the city that is greatly responsible for blues and rock and roll as a huge impact on his musical sound. With to artist like Future, Migos, and Gucci Mane dominating the charts right now with their unique sound, Atlanta can be considered the birthplace for trap/turn up music, which is a completely different musical vibe that comes from Chicago. Siergio feels that “ Atlanta has some of the best melodies and I think that it is about everybody coming together and doing something for the culture. It’s important to keep culture alive, weather it be hip hop or r& b we all have to get in where we fit in.” Some “trap artist” that Siergio would lovework with includes: Cardi B, Future, 2Chainz, Gucci Mane Lil Uzi Vert and Migos. “I love Migos. I like their freedom and freedom is so important.”

In addition to being on the stage , Siergio is also passionate about being in front of the camera. At just 5 years old he was the lead actor in a play. Siergio enjoys “ the art of becoming someone else by stepping into characters and bringing them to life.” “It’s cool being able to expand on a character even if it’s not you.” Jamie Foxx and Brandy have also been a huge influence in Siergio’s life. He always admired the two for their ability to balance acting with singing and he has always “wanted to do it all.”

On the journey to greatness, it can be tough and trusting the process is easier said then done. Siergio encourages anyone who is chasing his or her dreams to “motivate yourself. You can’t depend on family to push you. you can’t depend on friends.. you have to find it inside of yourself to be the reason why you keep going! Putting things in the atmosphere has helped me. Believing in the unknown. I’ve never stopped believing in magic. This is one thing that has kept me at it. The belief that the impossible can be achieved. Everyday I’m constantly saying “Siergio! Keep going. Siergio don’t stop”.. so if you can convince yourself then everything else just falls into place. What you believe and see for yourself others will see.” Often times in the industry we hear about people getting caught up in the fame and it is very easy to lose yourself. While Siergio was opening up for Atlanta legend Monica Brown she offered him a piece of industry advice, “remember who you are and use that and where you come from to keep going and to never forget it.” So many people want to get away from their path, but it is important to remember who you were yesterday so that you can stay at it tomorrow.” Recently Siergio released his fist single “On My Way” from his latest project entitled “This Won’t Hurt.” “On My Way” is ranked # 31 on the I-Tunes R&B Charts. He is also the lead actor on “Dream Urban Musical” which just got picked up by a T.V. network.

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