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"Hustle In Brooklyn" Comes To H-Town

Brooklyn brought the hustle to Houston Wednesday October 17, 2018 for the first stop of a multi-city tour for BET’s latest reality series, “Hustle In Brooklyn.” “Hustle In Brooklyn” explores the professional and personal lives of 10 of Brooklyn’s most influential personalities. The exclusive event was curated by Lifestyle Specialist, Mikos Adams and held at La Grange,a patio bar located the Montrose area. Guests were treated to sounds from DJ Orange, an open bar, and finger foods, which included coconut shrimp, macaroni and cheese, and burgers.

Ivy Rivera, who narrates the show, wants the viewers to have a true understanding of what it means to chase your dreams by any means necessary,

“I hope the viewers take what it really means to hustle and sacrifice.”

In her story line, you see Rivera at a crossroads between working in Corporate America and following her dream of becoming a music executive.

Rivera also said that if she had to choose two words to describe the "Hustle In Brooklyn" series, it would be "the inspiration"because "it's a new, fresh face and a new vision of what it means to hustle. You see young entrepreneurs really going after what they want and you see the process through everything. You see the raw emotion and we haven't seen that in a long time."

Another cast member of the show Jesse, Ivy’s love interest, who briefly lived in Houston but returned back to his stomping ground Brooklyn, says that the lessons he has learned in Houston has helped him become successful in New York,

“One of the most important things I learned in Houston was how to budget. Understanding the value of credit and things of the future. I had to build for the future. A lot of things that I did when it came to not having money or spending all my money, I realized that I wasn't setting myself up for the future.”

Jesse is a celebrity talent manger/ artist developer who also host his own radio show, "The Hustle Is Sold Separately. Recently Jesse has returned to #teamsingleandreadytomingle. This season we will be watching how he navigates through the dating scene.

Be sure to follow the cast story lines every Tuesday night on BET.

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