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Get Up and Win Recap!

Pastor Tammi Durden of the Tammi Durden Ministries hosted the 5th annual Get Up, Dust Yourself Off and Win Conference October 5th at Hilton Houston Post Oak. Guests enjoyed a red carpet experience, shopping with 6 signature vendors, lunch and several powerful speakers. The program started with prayer by Prophetess, Michelle Wilburn, followed by vocalist, Toni Nicole. Pastor Tammi Durden introduced Empowerment Speaker, Kristi Arno who discussed the power of forgiveness. Directly after the empowerment speaker, Pastor Tammi gave out 3 door prizes to guests. Shortly after, the second empowerment speaker was introduced, Dr. Connie Stewart. Dr. Stewart discussed "Understanding Your Value". The message was essential for those that often forget their value in business, at work, or when providing a service. The message left guests standing on their feet. As the day progressed, several breakout sessions took place. Attendees had the opportunity to attend sessions on topics such as relationships, dating, marriage, and the quality of a man/ woman.

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