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Four Drinks To Include In Your Memorial Day Weekend Celebration

Celebrating Memorial Day Weekend in the midst of a global pandemic is something that no one expected to be doing. While it can be a little overwhelming, you can still enjoy your quarantine holiday weekend! Rather or not you choose to spend it alone or with friends one thing is for sure, you will be indulging in some drinks so, here are four types of drinks to include in your Memorial Day Weekend Celebration!

Seltzers: If you are in the mood for something bubbly, light on sugar, and flavorful then you need to add seltzers to your Memorial Day weekend festivities. Smirnoff has released a limited-edition seltzer version of its Red, White & Berry Collection. The carbonated cocktail which contains 4.5% alcohol is a blend of cherry, citrus, and blue raspberry. I must say the raspberry flavor stood out the most to me. The best thing about the Smirnoff Seltzer Red, White & Berry is that it contains zero sugar and 90 calories which is perfect for people who are currently working on their summertime fine body! Another feature is that the patriotic can changes color when chilled.

Ready to Drink Cocktails: Do you love drinking but you hate making drinks? If so then Ranch O La’ Gloria’s Margarita Mix is for you! Gloria’s Margarita mix contains 13.9% and is made with 100% de gave wine. You are sure to feel a buzz after one glass of this. With flavors like strawberry, mango, and watermelon, all you need to do is just pour up a cup and add ice.

Vodka: If you are a vodka lover then you will love Smirnoff’s Red, White & Berry which includes the flavors, cherry, citrus, and sweet blue raspberry. You can either enjoy it by itself or mix it into your favorite cocktail. One cocktail that is sure to be a party fave is the Merica Mule cocktail. Just pour 2 Oz Smirnoff Red, White & Berry, and 3 Oz Ginger Beer in an ice-filled mule mug. Add 0.5 oz lemon juice, stir gently and garnish with red and blueberries and a lemon wedge.

Water: Water is the most important drink you need to include at your festivities because drinking too much alcohol can cause dehydration. If you want to lessen your chance of hangovers, fatigue, and possibly calling into work on Tuesday morning then it is recommended that you alternate been alcohol and water, take a BC powder, and most importantly, drink water before you start drinking anything!

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