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'Dear Frank' Premiere Screening Is Coming to Movie Theaters Nationwide!

'Dear Frank' Premiere Screening Events Is Coming to Movie Theaters Nationwide 

The new movie features Brian White, Columbus Short, Claudia Jordan, Torrie Hart, rapper Lil Durk & More!

“Dear Frank,” a psychological crime thriller starring Brian White, Claudia Jordan, along with a stellar ensemble cast, will hit theaters in November 2019. Before the film’s theatrical release in LA, there will be a promotional tour with the film’s cast that includes exclusive red carpet access and movie screenings for fans in select cities.  

The drama centers on Brian White (“Moonlight,” “Stomp the Yard”) as husband, Frank, and Claudia Jordan (“Middle Men,” “Love is Not Enough.”) as his wife, Beth.  After Beth is poisoned, Frank discovers a secret diary with a list of past lover’s who now have become suspects in her murder. Written by Luis Montalvo, “Dear Frank” tells the multi-layered story of a heart broken husband, seeking revenge and murder from his wife’s secret affairs. Frank is conflicted with drama and hardship as he faces Beth’s infidelity in this tense and unsettling mystery/thriller. “Dear Frank” directors Josh Webber and Brian White commented, “This movie will leave you at the edge of your seat constantly wanting more!” The executive producers are Mike Muntaser, Josh Webber, Brian White and Claudia Jordan.

Lead actors and cast members, Columbus Short, Kearia Schroeder, Nicholas Turtorru, Torrie Hart and Lil Durk, will host red carpets and movie screening events during the 8-city promotional tour that begins in August. Fans of the movie can also win tickets to attend the special events, and vote for the tour to come to the big screen in their city starting this month. Confirmed tour stops include the following cities:

LA Oakland  ATL  NYC Houston Dallas Miami Boston 

The project is described as a brutal, intense and beautifully crafted film that takes audiences on a suspenseful ride.

Movie trailer:

For more information, visit the "Dear Frank" IMDB page: About Muddy Water Motion Pictures: Muddy Water Motion Pictures is a movie production house that started from a small handheld camera and a passion to tell real stories, the rest is history.

About Webber Films:

A multi-talented Director and Producer, Josh A. Webber is an independent filmmaker born in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1986 and was raised in Montreal, Canada.

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