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Conversations With Marsha Ambrosius

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Singer Marsha Ambrosius joined founder of the I’M Me Foundation, JJ Simmons for some girl talk on October 11, 2018 for the kickoff of the three-day film festival hosted by MPAC in collaboration with the University of Houston Downtown Center for Critical Race Studies. The mission of MPAC is cultivating the interest of performing arts by exposing, educating, and entertaining. Marsha did not hold anything back as the pair engaged in real talk followed by a Q& A with the audience. The topics ranged from Kayne West meeting with Donald Trump, how they handle internet trolls, and causes close to Marsha’s heart.

The audience laughed and agreed with Ambrosius as she shared her opinion on Donald Trump and his frequent social media outburst, “for me that's the next level of narcissism, she then further explains that he feels like he is the greatest hated president of the world and that isn’t good. “The fact that he can spin that negative into a positive just shows you who that is.”

Just a few minutes before the discussion started, news broke that Kanye West declared his love for Trump at a White House Meeting. Kanye West aligning himself with Donald Trump was a devastating blow to many black people who once looked up to the Chicago native who said, “George Bush doesn't care about black people” on TV after Hurricane Katrina but is now wearing MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats Marsha offered a new perspective to why she thinks Kanye is exhibiting this behavior, “take away the presidency and everything else its like, you campaigned your way into America’s living room and had everybody vote for you because you were popular. You were @RealDonaldTrump and you are at the tables I cant sit at.”

Ambrosius, who has always been cognizant, has been tackling social causes for years. In 2010, the British R &B singer released “Far Away,” the fifth track on “Late Night Early Mornings” which deals with suicide and homophobia in the African American community. Fast forward to 2018, she is championing for the unjust shooting and killings of Black men. In her latest video “Old Times,” which “reflects the normalcy” of Ambrosius being a mother, stars her husband and her two year old daughter Nyla. In the 4;40 video, Marsha depicts the fear of what black women go through everyday when the black males in their life leave the home to go work, school, or to the store. At the end of the video, her husband returns home and they engage in the Wakanda forever handshake.

Marsha's latest album "Nyla" is out now.

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