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Chicks With Class Holiday Brunch Gala

There is nothing better than a Chick With Class! Over the weekend The Chicks With Class organization teamed up with Disney Channel Star, Skai Jackson, Actress/Model Lyric Hurd, Miss Black America CoEd, and Hip Hop Princess/Internet Sensation Young Lyric for there 1st Holiday Brunch to promote girl empowerment and spotlight different tweens making an impact in today's society.

The brunch also recognized Ashley Dunn for all of her all hard work in the fashion industry. For those of you who are not familiar with The FABULOUS Ashley Dunn , let me bring you up to speed. Ashley is a Houston stylist, influencer and she has been on Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC! During her "What Makes A Girl Boss" Speech she spoke on the importance of following your dreams despite adversity .

"Being African American was a strike against me but it did not stop me from pursuing, even when obstacles came and people told me don't do it, go get a regular job. I was like okay Ill make you bite those words and that's what I have done."

She also made the tweens aware of exactly who a girl boss is,

"A girl boss is somebody who loves themselves, stays true to themselves, and is happy with themselves. What do you have to offer to the world?"

This was defiantly a great event I wish I had a necie to bring them along with me because Chicks With Class grow up to become women of substance. (Side note: DJ 4.0 was jamming honey!)

Before they Brunch started I got a chance to talk with Skai Jackson from The Disney Channel

about how she handles nasty comments and cyber bullies: check it out below.

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