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Chart Topping Rapper,G-Eazy Has Another Hit With New Video For Hit Single, “Hitting Licks”

November 6, 2019 Award-Winning Bay Area rapper, G-Eazy is known for his hits, which there is no surprise that he is back with another highly anticipated video. G-Eazy’s newest song, “Hitting Licks” is already making a lot of noise, but now he has the perfect visual to match.

The artist recently released his latest EP, The Scary Nights, which features 8 brand new tracks. This is G-Eazy’s first release since his EP B-Sides earlier this year. He teamed up with Riveting Entertainment to produce and direct this masterpiece. This video is the latest in a series of collaborations between G-Eazy and Director Daniel CZ, whose last video “I Wanna Rock” was released just a few weeks ago. CZ and G also have “No Limit”, “West Coast”, & “The Plan” among many others to list on their conjoined resumé. “The vibe of the video is something I’ve always wanted to do, and it was tight to finally, actually get to make [a noir video],” says Daniel CZ.” . G-Eazy stars as a bona fide Bogart-esque detective, hunting down the temptress who murdered her husband (played by Jordan Emanuel).

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