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CGP Presents 2nd Annual Black Tie Gala: "There Is A King In Me"

The Chauncy Glover Project mentees ended the program off on an excellent note! Each graduating senior was provided with a scholarship. Friday night, the CPG held its second annual Black Tie Gala at The Hobby Center. This year’s theme was “There Is A King In Me” and was hosted by actor, Kendrick Sampson. “There is A King In Me” sheds a light on how the program helps troubled young men overcome adversity enhance their character, and conquer their goals. Each year, CGP honors those in the community who are provoking change, serving our community and impacting the youth of Houston. One of the honorees at the CPG Gala this year included free agent football running back Adrian Peterson who received the “You Are Fearless” award for is activism in the community. Just recently, Peterson joined forces with community activist Deric Muhammond for a Stop The Violence Peace Walk, which launched their No More Bloodshed Movement, whose goal to enrich the lives of Houston youth. Peterson says that if he could offer his 16 year old self some advice it would be, listen to your parents, the give you positive guidance, write your goals down, anything you want to accomplish and stay true to it.” Surround yourself with positive people because positive things will definitely happen and vice versa if you surround yourself around negative people then you could get caught up in bad situations which are hard to get out of, and most importantly, have faith keep God first and he will get you through any situation.”

Other 2018 CGP Gala Honorees:

Ralph Douglas West, Pastor/Founder of The Church Without Walls - Faith Forward Visionary Leadership Award Shawn A. Taylor, President of Zaxsby's Houston, LLC - Architect of Change Award Darian & Monica Lewis, The Monica Lewis School of Etiquette - Dynamic Duo Award Warren Luckett, Founder of Houston Black Restaurant Week/COO of Branwar Wine Distributing Co. - Houston Game Changer Award Marcus Bowers, Owner of She's Happy Hair - Spirit of the Entrepreneur AwardTwiler Portis, Philanthropist - Woman on the Move AwardRev. Dr. William Lawson, Founding Pastor of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church - CGP Icon Award Noel Pinnock, My Brother's Keeper/Bureau Chief for Bureau of Youth and Adolescent Health City of Houston - CGP Community Mentor of the Year.

Although CGP currently mentors students at Wheatley High School, Fleming Middle School, Navarro Middle School and Foster Elementary, they expanded the mentoring project this year to Dogan Elementary. Assistant Principal Margarita Tovar says one of the notable changes that have taken place in the young men lives is the way they handle themselves and the way they take pride in their appearance. Tovar recalled a time when she was running and a student stopped her and said, “be careful Ms. Tovar, I need to take care of my pressed shirt and my gold tie.” but most of all “I truly believe they now know that someone does care about them and they do have people rooting for them so that's what has made it so special to Dogan,” says Tovar.

About The Chauncy Glover Project:

After 3 successful years in Detroit, The Chauncy Glover Project, a federally approved non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, made its debut in Houston Fall 2016. The Chauncy Glover Project (CGP) is an extensive, hands-on mentoring program that was created to groom inner-city teenage boys into upstanding and accomplished gentleman. CGP focuses on education, tutoring, manhood, self-empowerment, financial responsibility, etiquette, police interaction, college readiness, community service and so much more. Three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, Chauncy Glover created the mentoring program after he witnessed a young black male student die on the streets of Detroit. Chauncy was covering a breaking news story when he found the young man who was shot after allegedly trying to rob a coach at his high school. It was after that tragic situation, Chauncy realized he needed to help minority teens from rough areas beat the odds. Using his own resources, he went back to that young man’s school to create The Chauncy Glover Project.

To date, The Chauncy Glover Project has successfully mentored over six dozen young men and sent more than 40 young men to college with scholarships.

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