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  • S. Dani

Angela & Tasha(from Power) Have Low Self-Esteem

The more I indulge in Power, the more I find myself disgusted with the love triangle between Ghost, Tasha and Angela. I'am the type of person who firmly believes in knowing your value, so it pains me to see women who don't know their worth and are willing to risk it all for the love and attention of no good lying, cheating, and deceiving men. For those of you who are not familiar with Starz hit show, let me bring you up to speed. James St.Patrick (Ghost) lives a double life. By day he is one of New York's most successful drug peddlers and owner of Truth, a hot new night club by night. Ghost sees his night club Truth as a opportunity to start a new life and ultimately leave the drug dealing business behind. Ghost is married to Tasha, or as I like to call her, the original trap queen. Tasha is a woman who doesn't have anything going for herself so she latched onto a guy who was well respected, feared, and paid as a way to be taken care. I do think that Tasha did love Ghost, she did things to prove her loyalty that the average woman would not do. For instance, have you ever helped your man sale drugs? Or have you ever texted another woman from your man's phone pretending to be him so he would solid alibi if anything happened? I didn't think so. Tasha is a woman who lost herself when she started putting Ghost first. It is really sad to see a woman have such low self esteem and not recognize her worth. Now this is where the love triangle part comes in. Ghost is also involved with Angela, his mistress. She was his child hood love. They were separated after she decided to go away to college to set up her future. They reconnected one night when Angela was partying at Truth. Did I mention that Angela is also a prosecutor and is working on a major.(You can get more info on that by watch the show.) Ghost is wrong for stepping out on his marriage and yes Angela is equally wrong for partaking in the affair, but besides that Angela is dope. She is ambitious, smart, pretty, and pays her own bills. I just wish she knew her worth so she wouldn't be settling for a married man. After all she is the entire package and Ghost doesn't add value to her life. Yes he did by her a diamond necklace one time but what good is that, he always has to sneak around with her and I must say it is depressing to see a woman who has accomplished so much professionally get so weak to her knees like that behind a man. She has everything to loose. So I'm going to end this rant by saying ladies please know your self worth and don't let any man treat you less than what you're worth.

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