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5 Lessons I Learned from the Sisters In Power Conference

Like I posted on my Instagram Saturday night, if you missed the Sisters In Power Conference, you missed a real treat. The conference was held at The Downtown Club in Houston Texas. A panel of influential woman touched on topics from being a girl boss to unifying our black girl magic. The panel included Life Coach & Empowerment Speaker Wendi J Turner, Executive Producer of Basketball Wives Shaunie Oneal, Basketball Wives Star and Creator of Bonnet Chronicles Tami Roman, Actress Elise Neal and New York Times Best Selling Author and Reality TV Star Toya Wright.

Have you even been sitting in church and felt like the sermon was just for you? Well thats is exactly how I felt. Honestly I did not think that I would feel as touched as I did. I got invited to cover the event so I was in work mode. My mind set that night was take as many pictures and get a few good quotes and leave, however that night when I left with a new mindset and some lessons that will carry me through the rest of my life.

1. Wendi J Turner on the finical decisions of a marriage........ "If you want to cover your marriage keep your role." "Some things you should withhold from so your husband feels like he can do it."

Now, even though im young and not married this hit a nerve with me. I have never let the man be the man. I honestly think I have a control issue when it comes to that. Growing up I was blessed enough to always get what I want. Either my mom will get it for me or I will get it myself. (INDEPENDENT!) I have an addiction to lipsticks. I remember I was dating this one guy so I sent him pictures of 5 lipsticks I wanted from MAC. He told me no, he couldn't get them for me at the time. Me being me, I hopped into my car and sped to MAC Houston Galleria bought all 5 of the colors I wanted then put them on and sent him selfies. He was so upset with me and I did not understand why. The man job of a man is to provide. Looking back now I realize that I took that away from him and made him feel like he couldn't do anything for me.

2. Shaunie O'Neal on convincing others that Basketball Wives should be on TV.......... "I did not have a problem to be honest." I came with a cast and all the pieces together so it was almost like networks were calling me to come."

I really love the fact that Shaunie said this. This speaks to the importance of having your product together so that when an opportunity presents itself you are ready. Basketball Wives premiered when The House Wives franchise was dominating. This in it self taught me to remain true to myself. Yes there are million of people in the world who do the same thing as you but that does not mean there isn't space for you to sit at the table.

3. Tami Roman on what else do we have to do to get to the chair......... "This chair ain't shit!" This was my favorite part of the night. When Tami said this chair aint shit both of my hands went up in the air. Most times I do find myself looking at famous people and thinking her life is so perfect she doesn't have any issue, she is pretty s she has money, great kids, a nice Christian/democrat husband must be nice. Tami spoke to the importance of the journey and how the trails and tribulations she went through shaped the person she is today. She was very open about having to be on EBT and her post Real World struggles.

4. Elise Neal on coming together as women ....... "I just don't like her because & it's not even about that." "We all our struggling or have issues but we still should love on each other."

It really is sad how we as women find the smallest reason to dislike each other. I honestly feel like if we came together more we could do more things. For example, while I was on my way to the conference I experienced some traffic then I drove around downtown for about an hour trying to locate the building. I ended up missing most of the red carpet press conference but luckily my girl Ty from keeping me updated and taking pictures.

5. Toya Wright on finding her ahhh haaa moment...... "Just the fact that I had to ask a person to help me and then for them to turn around and shit on me made me want to go hard and get my own." This has got to be on of the worst feelings ever. I feel like if someone has it in their heart to help you the would not brag about it or make you feel less than later. I remember when I started SYPPIN WITH SYMONE last year, it was a Youtube channel. On the first episode I did a story time describing the worst date I have been on since 2016 started. The boy who took me on the date watched it then called me and was said, I made you relevant thanks to me you have a story line. Im saved and each day I get closer to God, but I wanted to curse him out. I said this to say, when you have something that is yours and you put all your time and effort into it it really is an amazing feeling and none can take that from you.

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