As we come to a close on Black History month and enter Women’s History Month we want to celebrate women who have made history and have created some #BlackGirlMagic. Houston native, Lauren Anderson started dancing at the Houston Ballet Academy when she was seven. While Anderson was in elementary school she explored other creative outlets such as music. Unfortunately, her parents could not afford both music and dance lesson, prompting Anderson to choose between the two. She pic

Five Lessons I Learned From The Plan Her Conference

One of the most powerful things in the world you can do is share your story. You can spark a fire into someone and that's exactly what the Plan Her Conference 2018 accomplished. Sunday July 29, 2018 Pink Productions held its Plan Her Conference 2018, where they goal was simple, to motivate and encourage other women through the art of story telling. The conference consisted of two panels, moderated by The MediaEYEcon, Ja’Leah D. The panel included women of color who have don

Oprah Winfrey Uses Her Acceptance Speech To Encourage Women to "Tell Our Truths"

It looks like 2018 is off to an amazing start for The "Mother of Media," Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey's latest #Blackgirlmagic moment took place Sunday night at the 75th Golden Globe Awards where she became the first African American woman to receive The Cecil B. DeMille Award. Instead of giving us a typical acceptance speech, Oprah used this opportunity to shed some light and speak out against sexual harassment. During her speech, Winfrey expressed her gratitude for women who